Finally a safe and effective solution!

Four Reasons to Choose ABOL Rodent Control!

Environmentally Safe

1Our patented technology provides a biologically efficient solution that allows us to eliminate only targeted species with no residual chemical or other biologically active substance to harm children, pets, wildlife or the aquifer.


2This technology delivers a precise combination of oxygen and propane directly into the pest’s burrows. The amount injected depends on the targeted species. When the proper amount of gasses has been applied to the targeted burrow the mixture is ignited, producing an expanded force traveling at 5,000 feet per second. The resulting concussion immediately eliminates the inhabitants and collapses most of the underground tunnel system, discouraging immediate reinfestation in the treated area.


3Our staff is fully trained and fully insured. We arrive on time and you’ll hear from us before a scheduled appointment confirming date and time of our arrival. You can then expect to receive a follow up call to confirm you are satisfied with our service.

Our Methods

4In addition to the propane/oxygen application, we have introduced a new, safer method that is as effective. We proudly announce that we now employ the patent pending Eliminator® by IGI, LLC. The Eliminator® effectively eliminates burrowing rodents without the use of poisons, toxic gases, biologicals, or chemicals. It is safe to use while children are present and near pets, livestock, or wildlife. The Eliminator® is silent so there is no danger of frightening pets or livestock. There is no damage to landscaping or ground around the application.