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ABOL specializes in the eradication and elimination of subterranean rodents using an environmentally safe non-chemical approach to rid  properties of any unwanted underground pests. Capabilities include any size property from small residential flower beds to vineyards, orchards, levees or any other large acreage needing to eradicate these pests without the use of biological or chemical intervention.  This service is provided to homeowners, vineyards, orchards, golf courses, landscape contractors/ maintenance companies, and other ranchers and farmers. Any property owner/manager who wants to protect their property from damage caused by gophers, ground squirrels, moles and voles can use our services. Locating and identifying all existing holes and the accompanying tunnel systems can  take a considerable amount of time.  To save time and costs, prior to our arrival, we  will provide our customers with landscaping flags to be placed where the customer would like service preformed. This ensures that the time our professionals spend at each location results in a better investment for the owner/manager. After an on-site inspection to identify the pests and the extent of the likely damage, ABOL service personnel will locate holes utilizing small shovels. After opening a burrow, the gas mixture is introduced and a series of underground blasts are performed to eliminate the targeted pest(s). The blast and resulting concussive force performs very important functions. The first is that it instantly kills the targeted pests, and secondly, in most cases, collapses the existing tunnel structure preventing immediate re-infestation.  Because of this, ABOL is able to warranty its work for 7 days after eradication. It is virtually impossible to completely eliminate rodent problems because rodents migrate from one area to another, movement due to disturbances (nearby excavation), and prolific breeding habits. For these reasons, ABOL suggests that you consider a regular maintenance program that fits your needs. Our trained professionals can assist you on planning such a program and it can be tailored to your needs. There may be property and/or livestock concerns that you should be aware of and some of these are listed here. If you have any questions or specific problems that you would like to discuss, please contact us by phone, or by completing and submitting the information on the Contact Us page.

  • Our equipment limitations require we have access to within 50’’ of any area that ABOL is going to treat. If the area is fenced we need access to the area to be treated. If the property to be treated has not been recently watered or irrigated, we suggest watering to a depth of 1″-2″ prior to our arrival for treatment. This not only reduces the fire hazard (all of our equipment have fire extinguishers aboard) but more importantly, binds the soil for much greater positive results in tunnel detonation and eradication..
  • Although our eradication system does not disturb any underground wiring or piping, it is always a good idea to let our professionals know if there are any underground utilities or cables near the infestation where the blasting will occur. We recommend that pets remain indoors during blasting.
  • Most livestock may show little or no reaction to the blasts, however, it is the property owners responsibility to insure that these animals are not within an area where blasting will take place. If we are treating pasture, cropland or any open field, it will be most cost effective if the landowner drags some sort of  equipment over the existing mounds to flatten the area, a few days prior to our arrival. This allows for rapid location of the active burrows utilizing the flags for this purpose.

Due to the inherent noise associated with our controlled blasts (resembles rifle and shotgun firing), it is suggested that you notify your neighbors and also any local enforcement office of the appointment time. Almost always as a result of treating the infested property, there is some disruption that occurs to the surrounding landscape. This is normal considering the concussive force that is used for the eradication to be successful. ABOL personnel always use the utmost care when treating any property, but there will be disturbances to the landscape in the infected areas that will need to be repaired upon completion of the detonations. This damage may include a slightly raised area along the borrow paths or an open trench above the affected tunnel structure. Most of the raised or disturbed turf can be repaired in much the same way as a divot on a golf course. This is at the landowner’s expense and not the responsibility of our staff.

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