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Specific information concerning the various species of rodents that ABOL exterminates may be found elsewhere on this website.

Rodents are the largest order of mammals in the world, both in species and actual numbers. In fact, 40% of the world’s mammalian species are rodents. The diversification of species has been a relatively recent and rapid evolutionary event, with few extinctions, causing much consternation among taxonomic botanists.

Rodents are “gnawing” mammals. They have diversified to adapt to a variety of lifestyles including terrestrial (mice and voles), arboreal (squirrels), fossorial (gophers and woodchucks), semi aquatic (beavers and muskrats), and Volant (flying squirrels). All are herbivores.

The success of rodents became a problem in itself as carnivores evolved to take advantage of this abundant new food source. In response, special reproductive adaptations evolved to enable massive birth rates within the rodent order.

Depending on species, rodents in our area of the country do not hibernate, breed prolifically (one meadow vole was known to have 17 litters in one year, producing 83 offspring and 78 grandchildren before her first birthday), and are mostly nocturnal in their quest for forage and residences.

Rodents cause considerable damage to property, canals and dikes, underground irrigation pipes and wiring, crops and the machinery used on them. We will assist you in the eradication of theses pests.

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